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This Volunteering Program will encourage youth 30 years and under to volunteer their time with an organization (e.g., schools, hospitals, social clubs). Not only will the young person benefit from the experience of acquiring  work experience through the opportunity of volunteering by being exposed in a positive environment,  furthermore the sponsoring organization will also benefit from the volunteer’s contribution.


Jeunesse Restigouche Youth will reward participants for their efforts provided they volunteer the required number of hours. New participants will be able to join this program aimed at youth 30 years and under at any time. This will enable them to begin volunteering and earning rewards when they feel the time is right.

Given the benefits reaped by volunteering, we hope this program will provide youth with an opportunity to increase their skills as well as make them aware of the benefits of volunteering and the importance of Postsecondary education.


  • 40 hours receive a t-shirt

  • 100 hours receive a backpack and a chance to win a bursary


**In order to qualify for these rewards, a minimum of 50% of the volunteering hours must be completed in Restigouche County.


For more information on registering for our "Volunteering, it’s COOL" program, please call us at 759-6699 or feel free to fill out the form below and fax it to 753-4568.




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