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This website will provide information regarding our organization

as well as inspire you to contribute to our community.

Jeunesse Restigouche Youth helps youth under 30 years of age become self-sufficient and realize their full potential within an educational and social context in order to be integrated into the labour market by encouraging partnerships between government agencies, community partners, employers and youth.

Jeunesse Restigouche Youth celebrated its 25th year in 2017.



The JRY committee has had the opportunity to officially recognize over three hundred worthy and inspiring students who have as a result of their effort, commitment, and perseverance turned their lives around in a more positive direction. MORE


This program encourages youth 30 and younger to volunteer their time with an organization (schools, hospitals, social clubs, etc)

in our region. MORE




The Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre in collaboration with Jeunesse Restigouche Youth decided to create this initiative to help entrepreneurs become aware of the importance of believing in our youth by hiring a High School student in order to help slow down youth exodus.

This initiative will not provide employer wage subsidies to hire a student; however, it will allow entrepreneurs to make a difference in their community by being proactive with regards to a challenge that our region is attempting to overcome – youth exodus.

We believe that if several entrepreneurs and organizations hire HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, it will allow our youth to believe even more in our region. We must make them aware of the opportunities that are available to them before they leave to pursue their post-secondary education.

It is by working together as individuals that we are going to make a difference – so why not you? Help our communities prosper and be a part of the change that we want to see in our region!



Contact us to get this free sticker, if you already hire a high school student, or if you plan on hiring high school students: 


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